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Size question


Haha yeah. I was thinking the same thing. It would throw off their perception. Id be happy with 7.5, that is quite large and would cater many females preferences.

I had this hot chix at a bar last summer and we’re having a great time, so we go outside and start giving each other a tonsillectomy. I am grabbing her breasts and ass, its one of those non-stop trains, so I have her on this park bench and she is wearing a skirt and I am playing “itsy bitsy spider” up her thighs and she is crossing her legs and going all coy down the path. Well, anyway, I want take her to the car and just paste her eyes shut, we stand up necking and she puts her hand to my crotch and surveys the land. I am wearing a tight fitting pair of underwear which has not let the boys blossom and she turns off like a light switch. She leaves me in the shadows of darkness and I want to exclaim, “I have tight shorts, my club is 8 x 6, you little penis hater.” Alas, my brain kicked in, and said she’s gone, you do not want to become a flaming desperado…if I had boxers I would have had her. Well, that has happened once in my life. Women will spin on a dime and you never know what’s going to make them spin.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.


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