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Size of shaft inside the glans

Size of shaft inside the glans

Ok anyone know how to increase the size of the portion of the shaft thats inside the head? If you have an erection and squeeze the blood out of the glans, you can feel the hard part of the end of the shaft.

Mine is unfortunately pretty small. Any idea how to increase the size of that? Jelq squeezes seem to focus the blood into the glans rather than that particular part of the shaft.

I posted in here already about losing wood in the glans when letting my girl ride cowgirl. I feel like if I can increase the size of that part of the shaft and make it wider, it will have a profound effect on the girth of glans even if its flaccid.


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Check out anatomical pictures of the penis if you haven’t already. The end of the shaft that you’re feeling is the tips of the CC chambers. The ends of the CC’s remind me of the tip of a ballpoint pen, how they taper down. It’s always going to taper like that no matter how big you grow it. The glans is an extension of the CS chamber, and it will always sit atop the end of the tapering CC’s like a cap. The tips of the CC’s would grow along with any girth exercise that targets the upper shaft portion of the CC’s. I.e. anything forcing blood up the shaft (towards the glans) with internal pressure, which is an aspect of jelqing, jelq squeeze, clamping, pumping, and probably a few other girth exercises too. A horse 440 would be an example of the opposite direction of blood pressure you want (away from glans). If you want to focus it more on the tips of the CC’s while jelqing or jelq squeezing, then try concentrating your grip more on the sides of the shaft (CC’s), and less on the bottom (CS).

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Glans size

I don’t know about the shaft inside the glans but I have had some success with enlarging my glans and also to a certain extent reshaping it to have a larger more pronounced corona. This can definitely be felt by the ladies as you are pulling out! I’m afraid I don’t have any stats for you but I can see the growth clearly enough. Ok the exercise.
Its basically a semi erect squeeze.
You first get some heat on there for a good 5 mins. I like to read in a very hot bath for a while so I don’t get bored.
Then get semi erect. An easy way for me is to use a stretchy silicon cock ring which does the job nicely without having to concentrate on the erection level.
Then press your thumb against the side of your hand and the junction where the thumb joins the palm, place this over the tip of your glans and press a little. This is to concentrate the pressure from your squeeze to the corona
Then wrap your whole hand around the penis as close to the base as possible and squeeze. I like to start squeezing from the little finger first and pushing the blood upward and then adding more fingers. Kegel to adjust the blood as necessary. Engorgement without hardnees is the key. You are aiming for a large expansion. I do this for 30 sec to 1 min and repeat many times.

If you do this regularly, almost daily, you should hopefully see gains quickly like I did. To be honest I do not know how permanent they are as I have not given it much of a break to test this.

I call these Darth Vader’s!

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