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Size - Flaccid vs Erect

Size - Flaccid vs Erect

I need to ask a dumb question.
What is the point of flaccid size gains aside from a locker room showpiece?

I have the type of penis that shinks significantly when soft. It does not hang. Which in some ways is benficial during sports and such. It’s not just hanging and flopping and beating up my balls.

I am primarily concerned with erect gains. After all you cannot use it for it’s intended purpose while flaccid. Aside from urinating, but small penises urinate as well as big ones.

Though after pumping and/or jelqing I do hang for a few hours, but it eventually pulls back up like a turtles head.

Forgive me if I am naive. I am very new here.

I’m with you on this one.

Flaccid gains were never ever important to me and I never measured them
I always figured if I couldn’t tell it was bigger just by looking at it, then it was pointless to get a ruler out and measure it down to the exact 1/16th of an inch.

To me, the only thing about flaccid size is for showing off.
If the time ever came when you were dared to flash or hang it out or whatever, you wouldn’t have to stutter and mumble something about it being cold. You’d just whip it out with confidence, but other than that it’s pretty pointless.
Unless word got around to some girls that you were interested in (or didn’t even knew existed until…) heard how huge you were soft…you get the idea.

To me erect gains are the only thing that matter and the only thing worth measuring and taking seriously.

Thank you. I am glad I am not alone in this thinking.

Like I said before, there are some benefits to it shinking up when not in use.

Thanks again

I agree for the most part, wallman. Guys here often talk about bulges in their pants, but I don’t think that’s too relevant unless you’re wearing super-tight pants (sometimes I hang 6 x 5, but even with that, there’s no noticable bulge in my medium-sized pants). But I do like the idea of being able to strut around with confidence on nude beaches and whatnot :)

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For me, improved flaccid size was one of the biggest bonuses of this program. It feels great now to be able to take a piss in a public restroom and feel like I have a man sized cock hanging out.

Stick with the program, and you will find, that your flaccid improvements come first, and come quickly. I think you will like the new way you are hanging too.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I don’t understand the reasoning of wanting a bigger dick so you can pee in front of other guys. That’s absurd to me.

I’ve never heard any guy comment on how great it feels and what a huge boost to the self-esteem it is to be able to shit in front of other guys after working their glutes out.

“I feel like I have a real man ass now! Check out this marble, fellas!!”

“Oooh, that’s a nice one, TODD!”

>>What is the point of flaccid size gains aside from a locker room showpiece?

I can’t stand getting turtle dick. It doesn’t happen often these days, but when it does, it just doesn’t feel comfortable. Like everything is scrunched up with nowhere to go. So, there’s one reason.

Another reason might be for those who like to show off the goods. Check out The Buldge Watchers thread for more entertainment.

And the final reason that I can think of is that some women tend to think that a small flaccid equals a small erection. I’ve seen TV shows (MTV Spring Break) where guys will get naked in from a huge crowd, then the camera turns to the front row of girls, approximating his size with their two fingers, telling the world that he’s small. That’s just a left-field example of the flaccid to erect ratio.

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