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Size does matter with condoms

Size does matter with condoms

I thought this may be of interest to people:

The thrust of the article is that condom lengths are often larger than many would prefer. A quote from the article “Widths vary but condom length is usually standard, as it is believed latex can stretch to fit all men. The average adult penis is 12.7 to 15.24 centimetres (5-6 inches) long, experts said.”

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Do you think that when they say the average penis size they are referring to BPEL type measurements?

No, I don’t - they would be referring to EL.

In my humble opinion, BPEL is not a common measuring technique outside of forums like this.

Interesting article, especially how they mention that condom manufacturers would dismiss complaints about tight condoms as men just trying to brag about their size!

I have heard about men being able to special order condoms with a more snug fit, or custom-fit condoms, over the internet. I would just hope that the shipping and handling conditions would be appropriate to maintain the integrity of the condoms for when they arrive to the customer.

I can vouch for condoms being a bit bigger than required. The standard girth would be just about perfect but I would always have about 2 inches left over in length

Another reason to work harder, so that you won’t get extra “surprises”.

The article looks to me to be rather poorly written, and not to do a good job of accurately conveying the underlying facts. I think, for instance, that issues of length and girth are unclear or confused.

What seems to me to be going on, in part, is that when guys actually measure their penis length, on average they order rather short condoms for an exact fit. However, it makes sense that manufacturers produce condoms in standard lenghts that are a bit on the long side, so that a wide range of consumers can unroll them - or not - to the length necessary, though that still would not serve a minority of the most exceptionally long customers.


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