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Size Decrease Normal

Size Decrease Normal

Two years ago, I started PE, off and on, nothing routine. Began at 7-1/4 (slightly bone pressed) x 6-1/8. Did pulls for 10-15 minutes per day for several months with very few jelqing sessions. Would stop for several months and repeat the same routine. Have recently noticed that I am slightly over 7-1/2 but have decreased in circumference to 5-7/8. Definitely don’t feel this was a good trade-off. Is this normal? If I continue will I continue to shrink in circumference? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance.

It is normal to experience a small girth reduction as length increases, it does not mean you will continue to lose girth. Your routine sounds minimalistic at best, I am surprised you have any gains. You can regain girth with the right exercises.

When I do perform the pulls, the effort is very intense - almost to the point of pain (I can definitely feel burn). There has also been a weight loss from about 200 to 185. This sounds stupid, but any chance the penis also loses weight? If I continue, will I continue to lose girth without the other exercises you speak of? Which exercises are best for girth?

I’ve lost some girth but it is coming back, recently lost some length, it too is coming back.Fluctuations are normal.

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Do more jelqs. Helps increase both length and girth ;)

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