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Simple question

Simple question

I have noticed that lately when i jelq my dick becomes abit more swollen and hard as i jelq. Is this because more blood is entering or am i applaying too much pressure. I know all about erection control, making your dick tell the difference between jelqing and jerking. All I am trying to figure out is, is this going to affect my PE negatevly? or is this a good sign that i should move on to other stuff? (as in changing up the routine) I am going to hold off for alittle bit, i just need to figure out what this is before i screw my progress up. So if anyone can please help me, or knows what this is, or has experienced this, please some advice or help, will be very apprechiated. Thanks

How about your PIs? And about gains? I think you are doing it in the right way.

I havent turtled once, since ive started PE. I have been doing it on and off for afew months. I have gained abit of legth and girth, but not much. (as i said before, on and off.) Erection quality had started to go down, but i tried to bring it back. I have noticed that it has gone to hell lately. I need to find a routine or something to make my erection quality better. Its not as hard as i used to be. (kind of switching on and off with this stuff, but i want to fully get into this and never miss a day.) Should i be doing more kegels? what kind of routine? Does anyone think that this could be affecting with my erection control while jelqing?

Could it be that you are overworking? Maybe you are using too much intensity to a remedy for lack of consistency.

Many things could affect EQ. Things like poor sleep, depression, bad physical form, drinking too much….:shrug: .

Slept bad two weeks ago, catching up on it. (alot of things like my job have gotten in the way so i havent had a chance to jelq, let alone sleep) Ive been exrcising daily and i hardly drink. I do the same amount of jelqs as before. 200 a day. 2 on/ 1 of. should i change the routine? lessen the grip? (i dont do it that hard.) should i kegel more?? what can i do for the erection quality?

You should build up intensity and number of jelq and stretches, week after week, looking at your PI’s.

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