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Simple question.

Simple question.

I’m a newbie, and I was just wondering.. When can I hope to notice growth.. (Member experiences welcome)

Once you have a good routine (newbie routine) and put enough effort in, (newbie routine) and give dedication, gains should come. Depending on your make up (not on the face) gains come at different speeds, some see early some here haven’t seen any. Sorry there is no manual we can follow.

Good luck, keep at it.

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Welcome aboard! You have found the right place to get your PE questions answered.

Try reading a bit. You will consistently hear that gains come from the amount of effort you are willing to put forward. Don’t expect it to be easy, pie in the sky, 3 inches in 1 month type of hype. Since Thunders offers Free info you get the real skinny which is learn from the Vets, workout consistently, adapt for greater gains. Whether your results will come easily (or hard) and in what time frame is completely an individualized. The sooner you start your Newbie Routine the sooner you will have your answer. But do know there are hundreds if not thousand of Thunders member who are gaining size.

I still consider myself a newbie, as I have only seriously been putting effort into PE for a few months, and for me, I see a significant increase, especially in girth after each workout, especially if it includes clamping and/or pumping. These are, by in large, temporary gains, but it is certainly enough to motivate me to make these gains permanent.

FYI, I never specifically did only the Newbie Routine, I think it’s a great guideline to start with, but there is so much information on this site and so many additional methods to consider, I would recommend really taking some time with the search function, and try to tailor a hybrid routine to your individual needs and goals.

Good luck and welcome to another consuming hobby.

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