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Simple ADS

Simple ADS

So I’ve been doing PE since July. Either I measured wrong initially or erection quality has gone up or I have really gained .05 of an inch but I have gone from 5 inches BPEL to 5.5. BPEL. I feel that I’ve been pretty consistent. My routine the newbie routine.
10 mins warmup
16 mins stretch all directions for 30 secs north south east west butt check stretch standing then sitting
20 mins jelq
10 min warm down

Recently started 2 a days on the stretching one in the morning one at night with just warmup and stretching.

I was looking into ADS, because I just wanna reach my goal of at least 6 in BPEL by March.
I am currently using the method of a Locker lock weight attached to rubber band. I am using 2 lockers

My question is how many (locker lock weights) is good? How long (session time)? How long period length should I stay at that weight before increasing?

edit: What I’m using is a hanger?

There are better ads out there. Look at this for example
lil1’s Simple ADS Tutorial

or do a search for ‘homemade stretcher*’

Thanks Marinera

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