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Simple ADS

Simple ADS

Hey all,

I just started experimenting this week with a simple ADS device I rigged together. I had been using the JES extender after work, for an hour here and there, sometimes longer on the weekend. I found it to be way too big and bulky to be wearing at work and I couldn’t get too many “wearing hours” in, so I thought of something else. I took the silicone tubing from the JES extender (holds the penis head in place), made a loop and tied the two ends together with a thicker shoestring. I then put my head through the loop, pinched it snug and tied that off with a twist tie. I then wrap the shoestring around my leg and tie it off. I have found it to be pretty comfortable and it does provide a decent all day stretch. I know it is nothing fancy (like some of the contraptions I have seen on here), but it seems to work pretty well. If anyone knows a way to enhance this, without having to buy a bunch of supplies at the local hardware store, let me know.

Hows the circulation? Is the head getting cool?

Cold Head


Actually, no. I did notice my head would get cool when wearing the JES extender after about 2 hours or so, but with this method, I can wear it all day at work. I know if I start feeling numb or the head gets cool to loosen it up a little. I found if you do that with the actual JES extender, it will slip out after a while

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