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Silicone Sleeves From China

Silicone Sleeves From China

So eBay has a plethora of silicone sleeves direct from China. Anyone tried these out. Do you trust the material? Any better sources?

I bought one the other day, turns out it’s not made of silicone it’s a soft rubber. Not as durable as the quality silicone sleeves sold by absilicone or other quality suppliers

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Just bought the ABsilicone anti turtling sleeve and it was less then $20 shipped. Unless it wears out or breaks easily i am not sure i would buy direct from china to save that little money. Although i am 99% certain the AB one is from China as well the hope is they have weeded out the cheaper grade silicone stuff that who knows what might be in it.

I bought some from bulk reef supply but was disappointed. It’s silicone but not stretchy. It’s very firm fish tank tubing. Do they sell the soft stuff? Or are you guys fighting with the hard stuff?

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How have y’all liked the sleeves as an anti turtling device?

I havent gotten mine yet so no clue how well it works although i read some positives on another site when i googled it. What i can say from the reviews is that it is supposed to be very soft and flexible. I hope it works great as an anti turtling aid as that is the reason for me getting it. After i do my routine it shrinks to maybe half its average size for a while. I am not sure if this hurts gains but i doubt it helps it so I’d like to stop it. Also one of my main goals from PE is to be more of a shower as i am a definite grower now.

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