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Silicone ads sleeve or anti-turtle sleeve


Silicone ads sleeve or anti-turtle sleeve

Hey guys. I am fairly new to PE. Been doing it for about 3 weeks tomorrow now and I am considering buying an AD? After the Christmas. Does anyone have any input on these ads? I am not exactly sure what the differences are between them. Is there meant to be types for beginners or can I wear them just now. Some input would be much appreciated. Thanks

I bet people are going to recommend you do the newbie routine for at least 3 months and take it from there.

Really yeah? So I can’t just jump in and buy these things?

I recommend you do the newbie routine for at least 3 months and take it from there.

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Did I mention they are flaccid measurments?...Kidding! :p

Ok will do. Thanks (Y)

Originally Posted by Cyclope
I recommend you do the newbie routine for at least 3 months and take it from there.

This is strangely familiar. ;)

I don’t think it would necessarily be bad to incorporate an ADS right now, but you may get better use from it if you use it when gains start to slow down or stop from a routine that you do for many months. But that is just my opinion.

There’s a newbie routine on here somewhere, I suggest you do it for 3 months then take it from there.

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Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

I would like to hear from people who have used silicone anti-turtling sleeve as I’m considering buying one. Are there any side effects? How satisfied were you with the results? How much do you wear it and since when? Any results?

It looks simple to use and it’s not expensive (compared to most ADS devices which I’d never use) so I’m willing to give it a try if people post positive experiences.

When I first heard of the sleeve a guy mentioned he gain 0.4 inch in 2/3 weeks. I would like to gain half an inch and no more. I am mainly aiming for girth. I am thinking about buying a jelq device as I don’t think I’m keeping the same pressure on both sides. I seem to be gaining girth on the left side mid shaft but not the right hand side :(

Anyone else?

Read this thread.
Medical doctor who used the ADS for 10 hrs daily after his morning routine

9 inches for christmas.

Very interesting read, thanks for the link. However, I’m asking about regular silicone sleeves that provide anti-turtling effect and mild stretch without any weights.

I decided I might buy the whole package, that is, silicone sleeve including the leg strap/harness to serve as an ADS. Does anyone have experience with such device? I’d post link to the product on eBay (there’s some guy selling silicone PE products) but I don’t know if that would be considered advertising.

By the way, I’d buy AutoXleeve but it’s too expensive for me and shipping doesn’t help either. :(

Depends how much stretch you want, IMO. I have multiple devices, but I generally wear a wrist wrap all day to remain inconspicuous. I’ve found a thin, breathable wrap what is quite comfortable (i.e., not neoprene). I pump first, to get the extension I want, then tightly apply two wraps. Not as much force as a true ADS, but more than being limp :-)

Addendum: someone here built their own ADS using PVC tubing, I believe. More rigid -> more stretch -> but also more visible.

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