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Signs of proper jelqing.

Signs of proper jelqing.

Can anyone tell me signs that shows. If I am doing my Jelqing properly.. Also, I start from the base with an OK grip and the other hand below the head. Grip till I feel my bicep strain alittle and move the motion forward. My penis look as if the girth increase during the movement forward and turns red. Is this proper jelqing?

Hi Zombie.

For the most part, you will see an increased amount of fluid pressing upwards toward the head of your penis with a proper jelq stroke.
You will definitely notice the enlargement in overall girth somewhere into the session.
It’s all a process of learning your own dick, and compensating for what you might or might not improve.

Good luck, and enjoy your stay.

Sounds about right. If your dick turns white or blanches in the process it is being choked to death and it won’t speak to you the next day.

The reddening as you do the jelqing stroke is normal as well as the girthing or plumping effect.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Also do your veins bold out allot?

Originally Posted by Zombiedrool

Also do your veins bold out allot?

Are you fully erect when doing your routine?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Nope about 50-60%

I also find that if I did it right, my penis is super rock hard after I’m finished while I’m edging.

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