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Signs it is working

Signs it is working


I’ve heard people talking about ligs burn when they finish to stretch. I can’t feel this. In fact I feel nothing after finishing to exercice (I have a lot between 6 and 7)
Actually I can stretch as hard as I can downward without feeling anything in the ligs. I can feel something but it depends on the grip and I think what I feel is my skin stretch. And if I stretch in any other position I can’t feel anything as well.

My question is: what am I suppose to feel while stretching? I’m afraid of doing it wrong.

I also wanted to have more informations about the grip. I can’t hold a stretch in any position except downward because it slips. What can I do to avoid that?


I would suggest a BTC stretch for a good 20-30 minutes. If you don’t feel a burn, then you’re not supplying enough tension.

You won’t necessarilly feel anything when stretching excpt a mild pull. and the pressure on your penis by your hand..

So just do your stretches with a moderate grip

Do your hands sweat much . they should be dry if you are holding when stretching.

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Do you warm up? Try using a stronger grip.

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Wow I never knew that you were not supposed to pull as hard as you can. Thanks for that link.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.

Thanks for the link marinera. Very instructive!

Interesting that you mentioned the stretch on the skin, because in my experience I think my skin was a little tight. Worked on it by stretching the skin first then the dick. Worked very well, first time I really felt that I had stretched it good.

Another sign I’ve seen of the PE routine working is that some new veins is becoming more and more full. Guess it means a better blood pump and greater dick. I’m smiling :D Also the first signs may not be visible, but it may be felt by holding a more fuller cock in your hand. Absolutely the first I noticed! Also, stay away from all drugs, even caffeine. It changes things more than any scientist can grasp, really no one grasps the body fully. Guess everyone is special :P

Hi again,

I know that I don’t necessary have to feel the lig stretch but when I pull my skin back, as mentioned in the description of the stretches, I can’t feel anything in the ligs. No matter how hard I pull. I can only feel the pressure on my penis like petitfaun said.

I insist on this point because I would like to know if it means that I cannot expect to gain length from the ligs and if I shouldn’t start to work on the tunica.
In that case what kind of exercise should I focus on?

Thank you very much!

Btw camocock thanks for the reply!
I can feel that I hold a more fuller cock like you said, I hope it’s a good sign :)
I smoke a lot of cigarettes but I don’t think I can stop right know. Do you think it is so important?

Any other signs that I’m doing it the right way (and that is working) is welcome. I don’t want to wait too much before seeing I’m doing it the wrong way.

Thanks again

I’m smoking alot of tobacco too. Hard to really say what the tobacco does, because it’s like 34534654654 different synthetic chemicals in there, I also chew tobacco :P but what I’m sure it does in general is decrease the size of all veins, not only the ones in your cock, and in my instance it reduces sleep quality, and sometimes if you’re really focused you might feel that the cigarettes gives kind of demotivation, or rather a temporary feeling of some kind of satisfaction. I’m no neurologist but it stands to reason that this kind of mental shift gives some kind of ripple effect.

Also one of the reasons for jelqing is giving the penis oxygen rich blood. And it’s no secret that if you smoke your blood won’t carry the ideal amount of oxygen. I’m quitting tomorrow! That’s just me though :D I never believe in black and white so I don’t think smoking will cause PE to not work. I’m only suggesting that it may hinder the fast development, but then again, sporty heavy smokers who died have been found to have healthy lungs


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