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Sign of possible obtainable growth

Sign of possible obtainable growth

I noticed if I jelq, and obtain say a 90 percent engorgement, my penis is almost ( I mean shy by a 16th of an inch ) 8 inches long. If I then come fully erect it retracts to 7 and a half inches. It seems like my septum is the first part of my penis I feel that stops coming out. I’m hoping some intense v stretching will free up my septum and give me my results. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Some men report having larger girths when semi-erect rather than fully erect, but I don’t hear much about larger lengths when semi-erect. Do you mean that you’re longer from the post-jelqing engorgement/swelling? Does your penis get shorter during the last 10% of erection, even right after you’ve jelqed?

Been a couple months, figure it out?

I feel a bit the same way when I am jelqing but not to the extent that inching foward is talking about. One of the things I do when jelqing is focus on stretching out the length while in the semi erect state. I don’t do jelqs to gain girth but to do a well rounded routine and any girth gain is just a bonus. I can’t say that I am 1/2 inch longer then max erect size during or after jelqing. But I can say that during and initially after the jelqing it’s fatter and longer in different ways. Like it is almost at erect length while being very flaccid. Takes an hour or two to return to normal size. I am hoping in time to get a downward curve while flaccid and maintain the upward curve while erect. I think it’s not possible but I will try and after jelqing there is a hint of that downward curve. :)

Yeah, I am still very curious on this, like a little size loss when fully erect, makes me wonder lol, but I hope more people reply here and see what info they have.

I loose a little length in that last 10%. I am also thicker when I am not completely hard.

hey all,
yeah i’m thinking that it is because when erect, everything tenses up and tightens. when your muscle and cartilage relaxes, it’s like a lazy man on a sofa, it just spreads out, making it seems bigger.

so yeah, i do think it shows at least some potential growth though. :P

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I wonder, I guess that makes sense

Well, in getting from 90% to 100% often if you touch your glands you’ll naturally do a semi-kegel of sorts, which can result in some tugback.

Originally Posted by James00

Well, in getting from 90% to 100% often if you touch your glands you’ll naturally do a semi-kegel of sorts, which can result in some tugback.

Also a fuller erection as well. If you can softly stimulate the glans for a while without blowing your cap you will reap some bigger erections from doing this.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Yeah that sounds like it makes sense.

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