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Side effects of starting PE showing up early.again

Side effects of starting PE showing up early.again

I started jelqing 8-12min) and manual/using an ADS type stretcher(10-20 min at a time). For 2 times average a week for about the last 10 wks. I have my own personal infrared sauna which makes warm up and stretching very easy. But once I try and progress with the jelqing past 10 min or 2 days in a row. My erections become, well less erect and my sex drive goes way down. I tried this yrs ago with the same results and it took me 3wks to get back to normal. So this time far as I can tell I’m doing everything right!
Question then is:
- How hard to grip? I have very strong hands, Maybe I;m over doing it? But don’t you want to force as much blood as possible?
- I’m more concerned with length (sitting at 5.4 around 6.5 BP length ) so I’m stretching but with the elastic set up maybe 7- lbs of pressure and once glands gets cooler I get some blood back in there.

Anyways. So frustrating, seeing as soon I as I feel I’m about to make some gains (hanging lower, fuller flaccid). This happens and I feel I have to stop to avoid injury, and there goes my progress.

I’m new or would post this in the injury section.


I’m always worried I’m gripping to hard. Sometimes I’m afraid I’m going to look away for a second and my dick will just pop off.

I’m not an authority, but I would suggest lightening up a little bit if you’re experiencing some negative PIs. Listen to your member. Do you feel sore at all?
Maybe cut back on jelqing time or try to spread it out over the course of a few days? How long does each jelq last? Dry or wet? And, at what erection level?


8x6 or bust

Erection level varies. I try to jelq side to side up and down a couple min each. Anymore than ten minutes I do get that swelling under the glands. Its a wet jelq, especially in the infrared being so sweaty and all. My penis looks worked out after. Little redder and swollen. But does not hurt after or the next day. I also make sure not to ejaculate within a couple hrs after.

I’m just concerned that if one is supposed to work up to 30-40min of jelqing to make gains and I’m having issues doing 10min sessions 2 days in a row how am I supposed to progress?I’ll just be stuck with the same size dick that doesn’t work as well :(

Read the thread on “less is more”.

It definitely sounds like you apply a grip tighter than it should be. The swelling under the glans is no big deal unless you have it every session, don’t clear it and PE upon it the next day.

What’s your grip? You could try a V grip (probably better to reduce for lymph build up).

I’m not familiar with the device you use, but it could also be the main culprit of your loss in erection quality.

Too much force !

Try not using the infrared as well, I’ve found it can adversely affect Eq as it magnifies everything else you’re doing.

Try that for a week or so.

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