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Hey! I am rather new to PE, I’ve been PEing for a few weeks now. But I have some questions.

Usually after a workout I end it with a warm down, which is a hot bath. I am on a usual newbie routine; 5 min stretch, 150 jelqs plus warm up and down.

As I stand in the bath my dick is big and fat, as a result of jelqing, and stays like this for a couple of minutes, but slowly shrinks down to normal flaccid state. But after the bath, and I’ve got my clothes back on, my penis shrinks A LOT! It becomes very little and hard. It is as hard as maybe a 90 % erections, but it’s just small instead of big.. S: It is different how much it shrinks, some times just a little some time really much! Ones I experienced it was about 1,5 inches long! As if I had been swimming in VERY cold water.

I wonder if this is normal? Should I do something to prevent it from shrinking? Have tried searching.

And then there is one more thing, I think a have a reverse baseball bat? Or I have a baseball bat.. S: Never found out which way the bat is. But at the base and mid-shaft is around the same, but a little thicker around the mid-shaft, but from mid-shaft towards the head it gets much thinner. Mid-shaft: 5.2 - head: 4 inches. I would very much like a bigger head, so I cloud even this out.

And then last thing. It bends to the left and I found out that the left CC (I think it’s called) is horizontal and the right is vertical - and this is probably the reason why it bends - but at the base it is the same; but around 1.5 up the shaft the bend starts and lest starts to be more horizontal and the right more vertical. Anyone with same problem?

Hm. Sorry if my English is too bad, but it’s my third language, and you can’t master them all.. :P But feel free to ask me to explain, if you don’t understand.

The shrinking is called turtling here at Thunders. Do a search for that, you will get plenty of information.

A bigger head can be obtained from PE but nearly every exercise that does this, Ulis for instance, are advanced. Stick to the newbie routine for 3 consistent months to condition your penis and then add specific head exercises.

Thank you, Bird2! I’ll do a search on that and read carefully. :P

But still, I am curious about if others has this form of bend - the left CC is horizontal and the right is vertical. I think I am very much is to blame for this bend - but also an ex girlfriend - because of the way I’ve been masturbating. Had to explain. :P

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