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Shrinkage after jelq

Shrinkage after jelq

When I’m jelqing, my penis is often larger for about 10 minutes after the workout. From this point and generally for the rest of the day it is smaller than normal.

However, on rest days it’s often bigger than normal.

Just wondering if anyone experiences the same and if it’s anything to worry about.

I’m not sure whether it is a bad thing or good. But I experience very similar. I am about an inch or so bigger in both G & L in post work out flaccid state. It sadly goes after a while.

This body reaction is typical when one first starts PE’ing. I experienced the same next day smaller size followed by larger size as a newbie. It’s your body reacting to the stress, recovering and adapting. As time goes by, the increases become gradually more permanent and lasting. Be patient and think of all of this in the long term.


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I remember after my FIRST PE session ever, when I looked in the mirror I had quiet a shock.

Cock seemed allot darker in colour (all the blood) and it looked like a Granpa dick- meaning it looked smallish and a bit shriveled. That lasted only that one day.


What works

New here and searching for the best way before I spend any money any please

Originally Posted by needtohelphim
New here and searching for the best way before I spend any money any please

Best way for what exactly? If it’s PE then start with the newbie routine on this site. You really don’t need to spend any money on this.

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