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Showing too Much


Showing too Much

After much work, I’ve developed some noticeable size - both flacid and erect - and I’m very happy with what I’ve got. I have a new problem. Yesterday I was buying some flat front dress pants and everything I tried on showed too much of my package. The sales women finally said “with what you’ve got down there, you better try something with some pleats.” I’d like to think it was a compliment but does being hung mean you have to be out of style? Any suggestions? Different underwear? I generally wear pouch briefs to hold everything up and out. My balls hurt if I wear boxers for very long. How do the rest of you deal with this?

Wish I had that problem, then I’d be able to offer some advice.


That was a compliment. She was impressed (or she got tired of dealing with you after you trying on 8 pairs of slacks :) ).

Fact is, men’s dress pants are shifting (again) from baggy toward a slimmer, straighter cut in hips and crotch and legs. The effect of this is either that some of us will have to lose a little weight and/or take the risk of showing some package.

I look at it this way: In general, men have not been permitted to show anything, anywhere for about a decade. Better we should look like teen-aged punk drug dealers, even walking on our own cuffs? I don’t think so.

First, we do have flys in our pants. The implication of flys that there is something inside that now and then has to come out. We can either conceal totally that we have cocks and balls or we can admit that we do have them. This will be a shock to America. But, so long as we don’t go to ballet tights and lycra, I’m OK with the trend. And I bet women love it.



I can’t speak for GettingThick, but boxers do not offer support to my balls. Briefs do. Without support, the balls bounce up and down, and, ultimately, the stretching gets uncomfortable. I wear briefs for the same reason I wear an athletic supporter during strenuous exercise.

Pouch-style boxers or boxer briefs also work for me, and for the same reason. They offer more support than just straight-up briefs.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


What a dilemma to have. Its something I’ve gone through my whole life and what I’ve done is just wear bigger clothes. Usually my pants are short in the legs and long in the crotch. But I have noticed that pants are being made a little different now. I havent gone shopping for new pants in some time though. So I may be looking for this advice as well LOL!!

But I’m kind of in agreement with the idea of showing it. We do have them and I think that every one knows we have them so if there is a bulge then it only solidifies what they have been thinking….you have a penis and balls. It would be like if we made women wear undergarments that flattened their boobs so we couldnt tell they had them. In other words making them uncomfortable all day and making them self conscious if they had really big ones and couldnt hide enough of them. I think I’m gonna start showing more now that I think about it. Why be ashamed.

But spandex and lycra, I wont be going that far in public.

You’re blessed to have what you have. Period. It is what it is…a package. If it shows, you don’t have to flaunt it, but you don’t have to hide it either. Part of PE is being comfortable in your own skin, so to speak. I say wear them with pride knowing you worked hard for those gains!

Originally Posted by Lampwick
Pouch-style boxers or boxer briefs also work for me, and for the same reason. They offer more support than just straight-up briefs.

LW, could you name some brands of boxers or boxer-briefs that have pouches? I know about Perry Ellis and Calvin Kline, but haven’t looked beyond those. Thanks.

There are tons of them around once you start looking. Jockey makes them, and I’ve seen those at Wal-Mart. C-IN2, Unico, 2xist, The Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch. H&M has a house brand that comes in a multi-pack, and those probably represent the best value I’ve seen.

Small side note: I’ve mostly been a briefs kind of guy. One of the early signs that PE was working for me was that some of my then-current underwear was not fitting me as well any more. Then some of them started getting uncomfortably tight. It wasn’t the underwear that had changed.

It was at that time I went underwear shopping and decided to give boxer briefs with pouches a try. Regular boxers had never really done it for me, even pre-PE, due to the lack of support for the balls that I previously cited. Since then, boxer briefs with a pouch are in regular rotation.

I thought about posting a “Top Ten Signs You Know PE Is Working For You”, and may yet. The underwear-getting-tighter was an item on that list.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Lol.I have the same that I think about it’s one of the main reason why I started PEing, as my flaccid length was around 5.5-6 inches with a girth of about 4.5-5 depending on the climate when erect I only grew ONE (1) measly inch, well of course ever one thought I had it going on with a flaccid length like that ever one thought when it got erect it would be a monster so I started PEing hoping to make it some what of a monster. I guess the only problem that I have about my flaccid length is that it doesn’t meet my expectation when erect had for people noticing it I don’t really care all that much except for that special someone who my assume that I have it going on when I actually don’t.

Let it show, you haven’t been pulling on your dick for months for it to stay in and not be seen did you? Lol sorry I have no useful advice.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Thanks for the replies. I guess from all of the responses the answer is “let ‘em show.” I been observing men’s pants today and it seems like only 1 in 10 has something to show. I guess that makes me lucky and shows that I got what I wanted from PE.

To answer the boxer question, I can’t wear them because my balls hurt because they are too heavy and need support. Oddly, this has been the case for years. Once a long time ago, I want to the doctor because I thought something was wrong because my balls hurt all of the time. He too one look at my boxers and said “there’s your problem - loose those boxers.” I did things improved. Eventually I discovered the pouch brief. I am especially fond of the C in2 profile brief however, they do tend to compound the showing too much problem. Learned over the years that I can’t wear Jockey - haven’t fit well since I was 12! Just too tight.

I’m still not sure that I want to be blatantly showing my package in a business situation. Anybody ever had any reactions?

In todays day and age, pleats are a major fashion “no-no” (according to the modern fashion mags and I agree). Having a big dick is not out of fashion. If you show a little too much, you may want to attempt a size bigger, however, if that doesn’t work, fuck it, accept having a big dick. Now you know how women with huge breasts feel like.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

The bulge when wearing briefs should not be too obscene, even if it’s noticeable. In my opinion loose boxers are inappropriate for dress pants, as no one should be able to see the outline of your cock running down your leg in a dressy environment. Save that for the jeans, if you must.

As long as you don’t park your dick straight up (looking like a hardon) I don’t see a problem! ;)


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