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Showing too Much


Originally Posted by firegoat
As long as you don’t park your dick straight up (looking like a hardon) I don’t see a problem! ;)

I think that is the one factor I am very conscious about: Make sure it is point down even if it is a little fluffed. The worst fear is some one thinks you have a hard-on and a short(er) one to make it even worse.

I never saw the appeal of pointing straight up. Wouldn’t you be hanging over the waist-band? I agree that loose boxers are big no under dress pants.

I have some big balls. Each is almost the size of a chicken egg. I also have beefy 27 inch thighs so between balls and thighs there isn’t much room for my cock to hide. Basically my big balls sit on top of my big thighs and my cock perches on top of the whole thing, so I always have a big package. I have had to wear pleats on my pants for years because thats my only choice.

My balls always ached from boxers also, so I preferred briefs. Finally one day I decided that no matter the pain, I was going to make the switch. I think it took about a week, but my body finally adjusted and now boxers are my first choice. I’m a lot more comfortable with things swinging freely since I have limited space down there.

There is no way I’m going to just “let it show” with non-pleat pants. Common decency dictates otherwise.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

I think boxers would just compound my problem because I’d still be showing lots of package plus an outline of my cock. I’m also fairly sure I won’t be able to get by without any support.


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