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Shower vs Grower

Shower vs Grower

Not too certain what this means? Is a Grower someone who, like me, is ‘small’ in visible flaccid length and girth but gets considerably bigger when erect? Thus presumably a Shower is someone who has a ‘larger’ visible flaccid length/girth relative to their erect dimensions?

In other words, the ratio between overall volume (between flaccid and erect) is far higher for a Grower?

Thanks for any help! :)

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If this is true I’m like you, I do get considerably bigger when erect! And I did also have this theory, dunno if it’s true!

Yeah growers have small flaccid penises, and then grow tremendously when errect, and showers have huge falccid penises and pretty much just get a little longer and harder when errect.

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Yes, at times it’s clear if one is a grower or shower. The distinction between shower and grower can often be rather vague though.

Perhaps a way to see whether one is a grower, or shower, or not, is to look at the pre pe flaccid chart at Thunder’s, and see where you place. Then compare it to the pre pe bpel chart. if you place higher up the percentage line on the bpel than you did the flaccid, then you are a grower. If your percentage line drops, then you are a shower. If it doesn’t move much, you are a maintainer. How much of a percentage line move is needed to really be considered a grower or shower, and not a maintainer?

And there’s more to take into consideration. When looking at the flaccid chart, one should also only be considered a ‘shower’ if one’s flaccid is higher up on the flaccid percentage chart than the average size range for that chart. Yet a ‘grower’ can be anyone on the flaccid chart —- short, average, or long flaccids—if he grows enough when becoming erect.

If you do the comparison, there is something to take into consideration: The flaccid chart is nbp, and the erect chart is bpel. Since the average fatpad is about 1”, if your fatpad is approximately 1” then you can make the line comparison, from flaccid to bpel charts, as is. Afterall, we are just looking to see how much we move up or down the erect chart. However, if your fatpad is more, for example 1 1/2” (1/2” more than the average fatpad), then you should add 1/2” to your flaccid length on the chart (don’t accidentally vote on there that way though! - vote what your actual nbp flaccid is, without adjustment), and see where you actually place after adjustment. If your fatpad is 1/2” (1/2” less than the average fatpad) , then you subtract 1/2” when looking for where you place on the chart. Some may say this adjustment shouldn’t be done. You may be right, but I’m considering the actual growth of the penis with everyone having an equal starting line. If one wants to looks at it from a strickly visual point of view, then don’t make any adjustments when viewing the flaccid chart. However, the bpel chart isn’t visual anyway. So, why not do a fatpad adjustment, when determining your growth in comparison to others? Just a thought.

These are merely ideas I have for helping to more specifically determine which title applies .You may have a correction or have a suggestion to offer on what I’ve said. I haven’t delved into trying to figure out more grower/shower specifics. It might be possible to develop a shower/grower/maintainer chart, that clearly indicates where one stands according to those terms. Meanwhile, it will likely remain unclear for some or many, even after comparing placement on the flaccid/erect charts.

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