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Shower routine

Shower routine

Hi all, I’m actually an old member (I forgot the password and my old email) but that doesn’t really matter to me.
I used to try to do all of my routines in the shower whilst aiming water as hot as I could handle on my pubic area/penis base. I covered my balls with a flannel though because I know heat is bad for sperm production.

I unfortunately didn’t carry my routine on long enough to say whether I made decent gains, but I recall reading something of heat to suggest that this was good for encouraging growth. I was just wondering what others thoughts were on the subject.

Heat will soften the penile suspensory ligament up, allowing for a better stretch. It also dialates the blood vessles, which can help for jelqing/pressure exercises.

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Yes, heat is generally considered a very important tool for encouraging gains by softening up the tissue (collagen) and making it easier to stretch. No concept is universally accepted here, and some guys do report gains without using heat, but I think most agree that heat is good.

Search for heat and you will find lots of threads on the topic. There are lots of heating methods other than the shower. Heat pads, rice socks, infra red lamps, hot washclothes, etc. Search for these and find even more info.

Welcome back to the forum. Do you remember your old user name?

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Welcome back buddy. I’m sure you know where to start (newbie routine), like Sparkyx says, as long as your not trying for kids this week, don’t worry about it.

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