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Shower Jelqing

Shower Jelqing

Hey all,

I was in the supermarket awhile ago and bought a new thing of body wash because they didn’t have what I usually buy. Anyways, it’s Olay Complete Body wash and I checked the label; it says it is a soap-free formula. You think I’d be able to use it to jelq in the shower? It’d be like killing 2 birds with one stone; washing and growing ^_^ It can also be used for shaving so my gut tells me it should be pretty soft on the skin. Anyways, I’m still a newbie so it’s not like I’ll be using it for half an hour straight. Help me out with some feedback, thanks!

Sounds a good idea to me leon, I went through a phase of jelqing in the shower, just using regular shower gel. It never made my skin dry, but didn’t help the water bill..:p

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I never got into shower jelking much because it seems that short periods of jelking are juist a waste of time, and standing there for 30 minutes with the water running is a waste of water and not the best way to go.

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I’ve jelqed in shower for past 2 months with SOAP (I’ve just found this site)

Luckly, I’ve never had any skin irritation. Yesterday I found small blood spots right below the head, and that was it.

I’m thinking of bringing baby oil I use into the shower tub to use it after I warm up in the shower.

I think stretching does little better in shower where the room temp is much higher than my room (freezing)

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Use vaseline or any other pure petroleum jelly product. It is waterproof and you will get a lot better results without the risk of irritation.

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