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"Show-er vs. Grow-er" -- When did you first 'get' the concept?


Originally Posted by chronostone
2. They told us for some it was the number of folds/creases that mattered when flaccid. (It is funny because I have thought of this and noticed more creases when flaccid now verses before PE.)

This reminds me of an old joke.

Question: Do you know what is the first thing to come out of the penis during sex?

They usually answer, “That clear stuff?”

Answer: Wrinkles.

Originally Posted by chronostone
It’s called a power take off.

Damn, I feel a lot better now. I didn’t figure a lot of people on this forum would have any idea what a power take off is. I feel like a lot less of a redneck now. Thanks chronostone.

I have read several places about the terms: “showers” and “growers.” What makes a man a shower or a grower? Is it possible to be both a shower and a grower. My FL 5.75 (this is an average of several measurements taken over a period of a couple of days). FG - 5.8. My BPEL 8.1 EG 6.25 mid shaft. This results in a volume increase of nearly 100%, I believe. Other’s ideas?

I heard these terms in high school health classes also.

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I understood this pretty late, but I knew everyone’s penis is different. My size anxiety is caused by my small girth :(

I’m an extreme grower. Like super extreme. After exercising I’m close to an inch long and about the same in diameter, and my foreskin hangs off by half an inch or so. Fully erect I’m close to 6”. I know the concept and have known for a long time but it doesn’t help in the locker room when everyone else doesn’t know and are showers.

BPEL: 5.6"

Girth: 4.7"

The first time I heard it was on Shameless. I’m a grower and not a shower, it takes the right conditions for my flaccid to hang the way I like it.

Pre PE: 5/8/04 BPEL 6.25" EG 5"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

Routine, Pics

I consider myself a grower, but I notice that after 3 months of PE, my flaccid measurements are growing faster than my erect measurements.
Which means I slowly start to slip from grower towards a little bit more of a show-er.

I do not really care about it, having overcome my size anxiety.
If only I would have known TP’s in my teenage years, this anxiety would never happened, given my natural size.

But then I was exactly the one watching in the locker-room and having the worst fears and thoughts.
And even worse: as I am quite shortsighted, I never saw it really well.
And I didn’t go closer and ask: “hey, is that really 6 inches flaccid?” :-)

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