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Should you come while clamped?


Originally Posted by Herballist
Ouch, don’t go there. But releasing the clamp just before you ejaculate - that’s supposed to be a lot of fun. Just don’t expect to keep the walls clean.

Haha I’ll have to try it.

Originally Posted by Kountrykarl
Your trying to amuse us? Right? How intelligent is it to blow-off a firecracker in your hand? Your working with the same principle.

I’ve only done it once. Like I said it didn’t feel right.

I’ve read in lets say some erotic fiction of like a cuckolding type thing where as the guy’s about to come something is tied just below the head and it stops the spooge coming out and then supposedly feels good when it’s taken off. Wouldn’t THAT cause a retrograde ejaculation?

Originally Posted by marinera
I did once by accident and blood came out.

Omg that’s scary as hell, I recently did it, didn’t feel all that pleasant, only a little worked it’s way through. I immediately urinated afterwards so hopefully that sorted it.

I have almost blown my load while clamped a couple of times. I hear it is not good for you. You can damage the ejaculatory duct even with a cock ring on. I would advise against it.

It’s a no all round.

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