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Should jelqs be slightly painful

Should jelqs be slightly painful

When I do my jelqs I do approximately 200 of them and I’m building up to doing more. I’ve just started PE again about a week ago and noticed that when I do the jelqs (depending on how hard I do them) I experience some pain that ranges from slight to moderate. To describe the pain another way, it feels like I’m stretching to forcefully. However, I’m not really doing them any harder than I did when I first started PE. Also, before doing the jelqs I do a hot compress and stretches. What are everybody’s thoughts on this?

No, pain is bad. Fatigue is good. Slight discomfort is barely acceptable. If you fell pain please stop. Take a break for a little bit then when you start back up do less of them. How erect are you when you jelq?


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I’d say my erection level ranges from 70 - 90%. I did them again today and during the jelqs I didn’t feel hardly any discomfort at all. Even after words the only discomfort I felt was a little soreness in my head. Does this sound more acceptable?

I would lower the intensity a little bit if you’re experiencing any type of discomfort in your glans during a jelq. You shouldn’t be experiencing any pain there at all. When I experience a sharp pain in my glans while doing a jelq, I’ll stop for a day or two and then go at it againg very tenderly until I can jelq without any discomfort at all.

If the discomfort is at the base while doing a jelq, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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Soreness in the head is better than pain. I tend to feel a fatigue like soreness (like after a workout). Just make sure you aren’t squeezing too hard and try to keep the erect level closer to 75% than 100%. That could be part of your problem as well.


There’s a thin line between soreness and pain. I’d ease up a bit until you learn your limitations.

No. The jelqs don’t go over my head. Also, as the day went on I noticed that I was sore and there was some discoloration. It essentially looked like my dick got beat up. I’m going to take tomorrow off and then see how it’s doing. I’m also going to either drop the intensity or the number down a level or two. Thanks for the advice, guys. Cheers.

My jelqs hurt a little for about the first minute, then the pain subsides. Maybe there’s an initial internal stretch that has to happen, or the exorcising of some dick demons.

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