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Should I

Should I

Ok so here is the deal, I want to try this whole jelqing thing because I’m only 6 inches when I’m erect but I’m really tall like 6’3. And I’m just 19 years old, so I’m wondering you know since there is still time for me to grow down there should I just wait till I am like 21 or 22 to start or should I start now? Will it effect or stunt my natural growth? And if I do decide to do it, what is or has been the shortest amount of time that someone can gained an inch, someone can gain an inch and one half and the shortest amount of time someone can or has gain 2 inches in length.

Hi chinpo, give it a try - but don’t go overboard. Yes, jelquing will affect your growth -but only in a positive way, your age is not an issue. It’s very difficult to give any numbers on how much you can gain in what time. But it’s very likely that you’ll gain an inch in lenght in one year - PE is not a sprint - it’s a marathon.

I’d say go for it, chinpo.



Go for it chinpo. I have been PEing off and on since I was 16 and seriously since I was 17. I never had any problems, some of my big gains can be related to my young age.

I did not learn of PE until I was 39. I can only imagine what I could have accomplished if I started at 19. Go for it!

I was dreaming when I thought it couldn't done, but now I know I have work to do.

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So if your concern is correct about you still being in the growth phase of your life, I guess you should not do any exercise at all for your body or anything else. But of course, that is not true.

You can exercise to increase your strength and your can exercise to increase your penis. The secret to doing both is to do it correctly and in control.

Wow thank you for all of your insight, although I’m still not sure, but I guess I will wait a few more years I mean six inches isn’t that bad right? And also it kind of bothers me it will take so long just to gain one inch, almost a year.. But once again thank you for your responses


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