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Should I wait to start using my extender until I have more time?

Should I wait to start using my extender until I have more time?

Ok my question is quite simple. Have been on newbie routine for about 2-3 months and got a vacextender 4 last week. This summer I might be able to use it 1-3 hours a day, but when my studying begins in the autumn I can use it 4-8 hours a day.

The question is as the title, should I wait until the autumn to begin using the extender because I have more time then? I think I have read something that if you begin with a specific new excersice you might lose some possible gains if you use it to litte in the beginning or _something_ like that, I think it was regarding hanging then.

I might be totally out in the blue but I’m just curious because I want to make the best out of my extender usage

Foremost question here is: have manuals stopped working? If not, go on with manuals. Beside that, using the extender for 1-2 hours per day will makes no difference over 2-3 months, it’s unlikely you get gains from less than 500 hours using an extender.

Enjoy the summer, go around fucking. You have a nice size, use it. The extender can wait.

Good thoughts, thanks marinera

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