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Should I wait to lose weight before starting PE

Should I wait to lose weight before starting PE

Hello all,

I’m a pretty heavy guy and am looking to both lose weight and start PE. I was just wondering if there could be any problems starting PE while still being pretty heavy? My main question is whether there would be a problem doing things like jelqing while having that mound of fat that kind of covers up some of the penis. I was wondering if it wouldn’t be optimum PE Exercises of the penis is hidden and can’t be jelqed and whether it would be better to wait and lose weight before starting PE?

I think you should do both - that’s what I did and I saw some modest gains (before my work life took over all my free time). Why not get a start on both and see results 6 months - 1 year from now?

Starting (6/2012): NBPEL: 4.5" EG: 5.0" 07/6/2013: NBPEL: 4.75"/BPEL: 5.25" EG: 5.25"

Trying to start again: 2016/12 BPEL: EG:

Current ST Goal: BPEL: 6.5" EG: 5.5" | LT Goal: BPEL: 8.0" EG: 6.0"

Unless you are so heavy that you have to dig for your penis I would do do both.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Do both my friend. :) There is no problem starting PE now.

If your already getting the blood in your body moving, why not take advantage of it and start PE? Maybe your results will be better that someone who is just doing PE or working out. Let us know how it goes!

Lose weight first or do both.

The sooner you start both, the sooner you will gain the benefits from both.

Speaking as a fellow heavy guy, PE can work without losing weight, but if you do both, ay carumba! What a benefit that would be. :-)

Good luck on both your objectives.

Originally Posted by 74zowee86
The sooner you start both, the sooner you will gain the benefits from both.

I totally agree. There are a lot of people here in Thunder’s wondering if they should start or not to practice the exercises. Some of them say they are in that situation for months, even for years, like bees flying around a hive. They usually ask a lot of things based just on theory, because they did not start to jelq or stretch and perhaps never will do.

Just start. Take the Newbie Routine and start. Believe in yourself, give you the chance to be better, to change your life little by little. Every single step will be important for you, you’ll see. And if you fall, don’t give up and renew your hopes. Read a lot here in the forum, make a diary to have a record of all your work. Come on- all you can gain will be positive things in your life.

PE takes a lot of time; the sooner you start, the better.

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