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Should I tie a noose around my neck now or later

Should I tie a noose around my neck now or later

Hello fellow trolls and well endowed trolls

My stats are 5.5 BPEL
As far as girth.. 4.5in

I’ve been on the jp90 routine for a month now.. No gains, but I didn’t expect any thus far.

I started out stretching in all directions 30 secs and a 100 jelqs downward adding 5-10 jelqs per session (4 days on 1 day off)

After a month of PE and lurking around thunders I finally understood Bibs Lot “Theroy”(notice the quotes around “Theroy”). This killed any type of confidence I had about PE I have a LOW LOT (smh).

So now month two, because of LOW LOT I stretch only in upward angles 1 minute each and I worked up to 200 high angle jelqs per session ( now 3 days on 1 day off I gotta rub one out sooner.ejaculation)

Its more difficult to jelq upwards (I hated jelqing but learned to love it but now I really hate jelqing because of the higher angle).

I wanna give up ( I read the testimonials about no gains for a year etc etc)

I don’t edge but I could, should I? I don’t kegal but I could, should I?

Lets go back a month..

I got into PE a month ago when my Girlfriend was talking bout buying the biggest dildo she could find (smh).. Naturally I cursed her out and I haven’t had sex with her since (in my case this is good for stealth PE, in my mind make up sex would be interesting).

MY point I am trying to get at of make is, Can a Low LOT make gains with this routine or do I have to mess with my tuncia (smh) and get a pump and hang at different angles (smh). OR is Low LOT a “THEORY’ and just that.

Most my friends are 7 and 8 plus.. No homo we had women at the same time(yea I know but seriously 7 or 8’s.. Maybe some of them jelq, I say this because one of my friends asked it I ever pulled a hair from my shaft and how it was so painful, that eight inch bastard gave him self away)

My girl can’t even really take my 5.5 I say this because she climaxes ten times before I do but she’s a freaking moron, she never tells me I’m big even when I try to get her to(I guess cause I’m not)

She would never tell me how her Exes were endowed (no homo) so I wanna get to a point were she tells me I got the big one

Start: 5.5in.. Girth 4.5in (Feb 1st 2013) (only get complaints from whores and one nightstands)

Goal: 7inch.. Girth.. ?? I’m gonna need a magnum (so she Can’t sit on it and make it disappear anymore)

Oh yea should I jump off a building or hang myself, or just take the less dramatic approach and stick to masturbation for the rest of my life. (Joke)

The LOT theory has been proven wrong years ago. Do more research.

How old are you? You won’t get your girlfriend to tell you that you’re big because you aren’t, simple as that. I’m just a little bigger and don’t hear it either.

But if you make her cum that should be enough;

Also, yes you should exercise kegels, they are THE most important thing regarding control. I always knew that but since I started training kegeling hard the last month my endurance in bed has doubled already and I finally made my GF cum before I did.

Life saver literally

Yea bro I’m 24 in June

I started jelq last January 2012 but I wasn’t motivated so I quit after one day

I’m fully motivated and now (jelqing for a month) that I heard you and also reading countless threads about lot theory being bogus. So I decided I’m putting the noose away for a later point in life (joke)

I guess Your right everyone’s different some hard gainers some easy.

Hope this is the last lot theory hindering thread ever (yea right).

Please don’t take my word I’m a newbie kegal is good

Yo bro I don’t kegal because I can breathe a certain way that controls my orgasm I just got good at it.
Kegal is a whole nother beast( some of my friends kegal but end up getting the girl pregnant because they let go.. I guess)

Please don’t get discouraged I’m a newbie I don’t know crap about kegal ( I can’t even spell it yet)

It looks like you decided to modify the JP90 routine for no reason what so ever other than to just increase the amount of exercises you do. Just stick to the JP90 routine exactly how it says or maybe even a bit less if your penis is getting too tired. More exercises does NOT mean faster gains. Some guys can get away with pulling their dick for hours and see great gains but others require less work to achieve gains. The key is to watch how your penis reacts to the exercises and develop a routine over time that works best for you. Having said that, it is still important to stick to the newbie routine here or JP90 found at pegym for at least the first three months to get into the PE lifestyle. You can most definitely achieve 7 inches BPEL with time and dedication. Make sure you kegel as well, it’s great for your overall penis health, and having a healthier penis is something we should all strive for. Good luck and happy gaining mate!

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Your right bro

I did modify the stretches I added 30 secs to each direction I’m gonna go back to the norm

But yo bro, as far as jelqing I thought 100 jelqs really mean 50 (one jelq counts after both hands are used)
I do 200 per session I thought that equates to 100 should I gradually work down?

I got a question can I reapply heat to my penis during the day to further aid healing( post jelq work out).

And can I edge or ejaculate on my off day or dedicate another day for ejaculation and really rest on my off day

I know.. I fvcked up bro smh

If anything, you should gradually work up on intensity, not down.
You’re only a month in, try the newbie routine from scratch or this other one (which I dont know) from scratch.

Not sure if reapplying heat during the day will do any good, but it’s ok to ejaculate on any day, just wait a few hours after exercises.

I wasn’t stating that he should work his way down but perhaps move down in intensity if the regular newbie routine is too much for his penis. I have always considered one jelq to be one hand, so using left then right is two jelqs. No one really knows the answer to the masturbation question, some say it hinders some say it doesn’t matter at all. I personally am cutting back on masturbation for the other benefits that it has, but masturbating should be fine while PEing as long as you’re not overdoing it.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Don’t be a jackass, and do the newbie routine for about 3 months…then either stay at that intensity or ramp that shit up B

Tie the noose now. Your rambling is really annoying.

Originally Posted by tinytim
Tie the noose now. Your rambling is really annoying.

^^^ I hope it was a joke cause I feel that way, it made me laugh.
But if its not a joke then your being a real jelq off right now bro lol (I’m just joking bro your absolutely right)

I got one more question but.. I think have gathered enough knowledge from you guys and fellow trolls

Jubby I hear you bro
Juice I got respect
Pnewbie he got me my wings again
And can’t look
My bad bro the forum subject title.. It hits a little too close too home for some members.. You know the ones you never here from ever again(joke)

My bad bro Will be back in 90 days

Originally Posted by thebottleman
And can’t look
My bad bro the forum subject title.. It hits a little too close too home for some members.. You know the ones you never here from ever again(joke)

Still “your bad” and it’s got nothing to do with the title of the thread, but I will ask nice one more time.

Please use periods where there should be periods (at the end of sentences).

Please use the spell check.

Please avoid chat speak (bro, lol, smh) which sometimes makes it hard for English second language members (and even for some English first language members) to understand.

Please feel free to take more than 90 days in coming back if you plan on completely disregarding these rules again. :)

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

A couple dudes get gains here but nothing is scientific. There is a very real chance this doesn’t work for everyone even if done right.

Originally Posted by squatsandoats

There is a very real chance this doesn’t work for everyone even if done right.

Do you mean PE in general? You would be right. The vast majority of guys can gain (in my opinion) an inch in length with an open ended time table. Some very few gain fast and some very few don’t gain at all.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

You’re 4 on 1 off routine doesn’t sound good. Give your dick some time to rest and stick with the suggested 2 days on 1 off.

I’m doing either 1 on 1 off or 2 on 1 off.

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