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Should I still stretch if I wear an extender for 8 hours

Should I still stretch if I wear an extender for 8 hours

Should I still stretch before jelking if I wear a penis extender for 8 hours?

Thanks for the help

I think that 8 hours of stretching with an extender is more than enough.

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If it brings you gains keep doing what you are doing, if not you can do manual stretching too.

Yes 8 hrs for the next six months should give you a half inch to .75 at least if your using at least a 1.5 lbs of tension.

On the jess or any extender that is about 900 grams of tension.

The calculation is of on the what they say I would say this is more accurate of what to expect unless your hanging 8 lbs in the morning and at night this will speed up gains.

One hr in the morning and one hr at night and extender work through out the day would be the best way to get gains right from the start as the extenders will not show any gains till around the 300 to 400 hr mark then erect gains start to show up. The theory for this is that the heavy weight opens up the gaps then the extender holds the spaces open for the rest of the day.

The only night stretcher that I have found to work and it’s not a stretcher is autoextenders anti turtle sleeve you can wear it all night with no problem just so you can keep the penis extended.

Hanging weights is considered advanced and should only be done if you are really sure that is what you want to do and after you have done lots of reading on the subject.

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