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should I still do try this

should I still do try this

okay so I understand pe is for your ego, I think I am at a good size but i wanna gain an inch and be at 9 inches. I also would kill for more girth i wanna gain half an inch. I am not asking for a routine I am weighing the pros and cons Pro is i could get bigger con is I dont wanna get injuried. Thoughts? (I have a learning disability sorry if that is hard to understand)

What is your girth? I am just over 8 inches and of quite large girth. I too, like you wish to add an inch in length, but do not wish to add girth. If you take things easy you will not

Injure yourself. Just take things easy until your penis gets used to the exercises. Good luck.


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If you want bigger girth first and foremost with minimal length gains along the way then you should just focus on girth alone for the next whole year. Length gains will come in slowly with just about any girth routine, maybe .25” to .5” in under two years, but girth is a harder to get. Focus on your wet jelqs doing them in 2-3 sets three times a week with heavy, medium, and light days…. Like how a lot of pro powerlifters do working the same exercises over and over for mass and strength gains. And don’t mess with squeezes or clamping until you have a year of PE under your belt, these exercises can really hurt you if you’re not conditioned properly and you don’t watch what you’re doing.

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