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Should I really start PE?


Originally Posted by WhiskeyFish
Wow, another guy with a 7 inch girth.

I think that is 3 or 4 in the last 2 months!

What a strange coincidence: none of the 7x7 guys seem to recognize how huge they are..

It must be about 10% of the population based on who is posting on thunders. 7 is the new 6, 8 will soon be the new 7.

And on length, 9 is the new 8. I overheard someone the other day bragging about his 9. Heh.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Yeah I either wish they could do an official measurement with a thousand random guys who “had” to do it, and find 50 of them with 9X6.5 inch dicks, or just find 2-3 of them, so thunders could stop confusing me so damn much.

You have a great penis-size, long enough for almost all women and yet not in the zone of where you hit the cervix all the time and cause plain. I’d give anything for that size so you should work and kegels and erection strength.

Beginning size jan 2010: BPEL 5.5 (14 cm), EG measured at root: at least 4.3 (11.0 cm) BPFL: 3.1 (8 cm)

23/3 2010: BPEL - 5.75 (14.6) , EG root 4.4 (11.2), Middle 4.4 (11.2) BPFL: 3.3 (8.5 cm) 20/5 2010: BPEL - 5,9 (15.0) EG root 4.5 (11.6), Middle 4.4 (11.2), NBPEL 5.1 (13.0), BPFL: 3.5 (9.0cm) Short-term Goal: NBPEL 6.0, EG root 12.0 cm Long-term Goal: NBPEL 7.0 EG Middle 5.5 (14.0)

If I were you, I would spend my time improving some other part of my life.

Perhaps you can gain some length without girth using manual stretches, but hanging will very likely give you more base girth, if not more girth overall.

Considering your overall volume, I would never even dream of adding more to it. But that`s me ;)

Based on what I’m reading here and a little research I did on my own, I’ve decided against doing any sort of PE, just because I’m afraid of getting any more girth. Thank you all for your suggestions and advice, especially Hopefullygrowin. Working on erection strength and the other non-size qualities of my penis would probably be a better way to improve my sex life without any risk of “going overboard.”

In that vein, would anyone have some suggestions as to where I could look for info on erections strength and other such things, other than perusing these forums?


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