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Should I not jelq with thrombosed vein?

Should I not jelq with thrombosed vein?

All my life, I have had a vein on my penis that is very hard and is like raised, and kind of ‘juts’ out through the skin, as if I have placed a small metal rod right under my dick skin. I believe it is the deep dorsal vein and like I said it has always been like this. Each doctor I have shown it to has told me not to worry about it and its just a vein, so long as it does not cause pain it is not a problem. I do however know that it leaks blood and is the cause of my venous leak…and it probably does this naturally, not from actual damage.

So, seeing as it is naturally fucked, my thinking is if I apply pressure to it during P.E exercises it shouldnt matter to much. But I really don’t want to make it worse, if thats possible. So what do you’s think should I do a program or wait for further tests and shit on it? Next time I’m seeing someone is in about 2 months…and though I guess I should wait I’d just like to hear some input.

It isn’t thrombosed, Yataghan. If it were, it would be inflammed and painful. Further, how do you know that that partiticular vessel leaks?

In any case, I don’t see any reason for discontinuing a sensible PE routine. Like the doctors said, don’t worry about it.



I know because as soon as I put isolated pressure on it the head of my penis stays its normal size, and when I release that pressure the blood leaks out immediately. If I put pressure anywhere else, the blood leaks out, but as soon as I focus on this one, very prevalent vein it stays in.

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