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Should I jelq for the 2nd night straight

Should I jelq for the 2nd night straight

I jelqed last night and then I decided to masterbate and ejaculate afterwards. I woke up without a hard erection but tonight I was thinking about jelqing again. I got a nice hard erection like 10 mins ago, I measured it and my erection is larger than what it was at yesterday before the jelqing. Should I jelq tonight or don’t? (I was going to 2 jelq for two days then rest tommorrow).

All indicators you describe are positive.

I do not see any reason why you should not jelq tonight.

I have been jelq for only 2 months but I do it almost everyday, I don’t see any problem with it.

Keep UP the good work.

I didn’t wait for answers and ended up jelqing last night I woke yet again without an erection which worries me

Sure. Go for it. Your EQ is a great indicator of fatigue.

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It’s a fine line between doing the right amount and too much. I think that if erections on waking are totally normal for you then this is a more negative PI than if they are infrequent. If you give it a day off now and you wake with an erection then this all is good. Rest days are important.

When I first started PE, in the first few months, the first day gave great PIs, the second day not so good (though still positive), and on the day off, things kind of equalised, and then cycled back to great on the first day back on.

Anyway, in a round about way, keep going as you are, if things don’t pick up, you are doing too much. If they do pick up, and growth is obtained, you are doing the right amount. If PIs are good but there is no growth then you may have to switch things around a little.

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