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Should I get circumcised so that I can do penis enlargement better


There are many threads about that, franky, even some poll. You’ll get answers faster doing a search than waiting replies here.

Originally Posted by franky667
Hey guys,

Apart from the question if PE is easier/the same if your circumcised(?) what about the other ‘improvements’? I mean, in the morning it can really smell under there. It easier to keep a circumcised penis clean and fresh I guess. And you can probably ‘hold on’ for longer, ie. Have no or less premature ejactulations, where with premature I mean after 30 secs of intercourse.

What are your thoughts? Would appreciate from both circumcised an uncircumsized guys.

If your penis smells in the morning it is because you are remiss with your personal hygeine.

Males, cut or uncut should wash their penis, scrotum, anus, and surrounding crotch area before bed, and always after sex.

I am uncut, from the time I was old enough to remember, my mother and father instructed me to pull my foreskin back behind the glans penis, after every urination . I am in my thirties, and my foreskin remains behind the glans penis with no effort, leaving a look almost like a circumcised penis, but with looser skin.

As far as PE: when jelqing (wet), the foreskin does tend to slide up towards the glans, and bunch up behind it, but it does not interfere. I do not dry jelq.

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Originally Posted by wantonbe8x6
I know that most of the very successful guys here have one thing in common: they are all cut. I’m uncut, and lots of the PE exercises and devices don’t really work to their full potential because of the extra skin sliding around, and the frenulum is painful. Wrapping is a big hassle too, and I also think cut penises are more aesthetically pleasing.

I’m seriously considering this.

Any impute appreciated.

I’m uncut,
Never had any problems with neither PE nor sex.
Remember that foreskin keeps the glans with a better sensibility.
If dudes wants to get circumcised because they find it aesthetically better, fine.
But if you’re having trouble PEing don´t blame the foreskin blame your abilities.

I have foreskin. Hey brother don’t get circumcised. There are many guys who do exercises to recover the foreskin. You can do whatever PE exercise you wish, just need some time to adapt it with the foreskin…

Don’t do it!

If, after investing considerable research and thought, you really, really want to get cut then go for it. But don’t do it because you think it might make PEing easier.

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Your body, your decision.

Having stated that, I would strongly recommend not cutting off a very important part of your penis.

I am 47 years old and have been doing Foreskin Restoration (FR) for almost two years. At the rate I am progressing it will take me another 6-8 years of FR effort to get the coverage I should already have.

My recommendation is to do a lot of research BEFORE you make your final decision. There are a lot of benefits for both you and your partner in having a functioning foreskin.

Good luck with your PE efforts,

4Foreskin ;)


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