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Should I focus on length or girth first

Should I focus on length or girth first

I have started seeing some result after doing ADS for couples of months, I.e., 4-6 hrs. I remembered someone mentioned newbies should focus on length first and then girth. Is it true? Jelping helps with length or girth?

I also find it hard to jelping without watching porn. Am I addicted?

Jelqing helps with both, just stick to your routine until you’ve reached your desired length then make it a girth-centric routine.

And yes, it means you have porn addiction. Read more about it and what you can do here:…nction-question

"There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

I’m going length then girth also.

Current: : NBPEL = 5.5" BPEL=5.75" EG=4"

Long Term Goal: BPEL= 7" EG= 5"

Actually you can do both. I pump and use an extender. I don’t see a reason to limit yourself. That is just my opinion

I am simply learning my body’s reaction ;)

I’ll tell you the best way to stop doing something (in this case -> stop watching porn)..

First of all -> porn is your demon, until NOW it was controlling you.
It didn’t take control over your actions. You’ve let that demon to control your behavior since now.
A solution to this case is very easy. You have to choose consciously WHO you are.

Are you weak or are you strong enough to face your demon?
If you are into improvement, you will wake up from ‘porn illusion’ next time you hear your demon!

You can jelq without your demon that was stopping your overall gains.
It’s a matter of:
A) being consistent with your strategy
B) being patient
C) believing that you can be better (you do not need porn)
D) having faith in yourself

Good luck! :)

It’s the girth that will make the girls wet ;)

Starting Stats : EL - 7.2" EG - 5.6"

Current Stats : EL - 7.2" EG - 5.6"

My Goal Stats : EL - 8.5" EG - 6.5"

Definatley work on length first, I think it would be awkward doing PE having to go through a chode stage then progressing to length exercises. When I gain length I tend to feel better about myself rather than girth anyway, makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere with PE faster.

Jelqing and it’s variations help you to add both length and girth simultaneously. That’s what happened to me. Now I’m at the point where I’m switching to more exercises that target girth (Uli’s, squeezes, slinky-bends, dry jelq, reverse jelq), but these are more advanced exercises anyway and some of them probably should only be slowly introduced after 3 to 6 months of jelqing and kegels, in my opinion. The beginner’s guide on this site is truly the best way to go if you’re just starting out.

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