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Should I ease the grip?

Should I ease the grip?

I’ve been jelqing on and off for nearly 2 years with next to no gains. When I first started, I jelqed extremely lightly and seemed to get some very quick newbie gains. However at some point in time i foolishly decided to up the pressure of my grip. At that point I pretty much lost all progress and ended up with having weaker erections than before because of this. Anyways I was wondering if I should go back to how I used to do things and jelq very lightly. However here is the difference from now and before: I have MUCH less sensitivity in my penis which I’m thinking would play a factor on how hard I should jelq.

Start: 5.25x4.75 8/2006

Now 6.0x5.125 10/17/2008

Goal: 7.5x5.5

Do you do stretching as well? Kegels? Warm ups? Rest days?

Sure you can start jelqing again, but do it with full attention on your body and penis, and see how they react. And if after a month you still see abosultely no gains, stop and rethink your routine. There’s no sense in keeping the same thing for more than a month if you see absolutely no gains.

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