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Should I do these stretches, and then a break

Should I do these stretches, and then a break

Recently I have read over some of Jayrooneys ideas, that actually got me thinking: After PEing for 4-6 weeks you take a 2 week break or so. I think I might try this, because I noticed a sudden increase once when I started getting a little lazy awhile back. Also my dick always seems to be a little sore. I have worked it kinda hard (not too hard), Recently I’ve been doing stretches maybe 15-40 times through tout the day for durations of maybe 10-20 seconds. However whenever I first pull on it it feels very sore, for maybe 3 seconds and then the pain goes entirely away, and it feels completely normal, I just do that throughout the day so it seems like my ligs are feeling some. (Anyone ever do this?)

Is this bad because I am not giving them a break to heal? What I’ve been thinking of doing is giving them barely any break at all, and then taking a week or two off, and seeing how the gains come after I completely exhaust my dick. What do you guys think I should do?

Jayrooney’s ideas? That’s been debated.

You have to listen to your dick. Well it won’t speak to you, but you know what I mean. Don’t plan a 2 week break, wait till you get to the stage where you feel you need a break, and that will be when and if your cock is getting a little sore or tired of the exercises, or when you feel a little sick of them.
That could be in either 4-6 weeks or 5-6 months, who knows?

Oh and are you taking any breaks now? I would not recommend doing it solid for the 4 weeks or so then taking a 2 week break- it doesn’t work like that. Take a couple of days off a week - Your dick needs the time to rest EVERY week.

Your dick doesn’t grow when you PE - It just fills to it’s full potential. The growing, just like in weight training, happens when you are resting. 2 rest days a week my man!


Haha .. Yeah I’ve got my two rest days, I just do the 15-40 10 second penis stretches everyday. Every time I take a piss, shower, pretty much anytime I look at my penis.

10 seconds I don’t think is enough. It’s pretty hard to really achieve anything at all in 10-20 seconds.

Try minutes, at least a few of them. This way you can stretch your dick less times throughout the day, and you will most likely see more gains.

It’s all trial and error my man, see what works for you.


Nonono, I do the stretches for a longer period of time when it’s in my workout, I was just talking about those for off days, but now that I think about it it doesn’t really seem to significant at all, haha back to the drawing board.


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