Should I continue PE or how long should I recover before starting again?

Recently had a injury using bathmate some weeks back maybe I was just overworking my penis. Because I always warmed up and stuff. So I lost some sensation and EQ has been bad last weeks. I quit PE and just let it rest. Still no luck, so now I started to freak out a little bit. So I tried these supplements.gingko,green tea,garlic,ginseng and now l arginnine. I’m happy to say my EQ has returned along with serious morning wood the last few days. So my question is, do I still continue to heal and give a few more weeks? I was using a extender and bathmate, some manual stretches and gained my first inch. I think thats what made me over do it. Or I’m debating should I just quit all together. It was quite scary to lose sensation after I had a perfectly working penis.