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Should I clamp or not

Should I clamp or not

Hey hey! I havn’t made any gains since my last post. After I hit 7.3 I kept jelqing for a month or so and made 0 gains.I think it got conditioned to it. Anyways, few questions for the pros with the big pee-pees out there ;)

I wanna start clamping, I have a cable clamp and I’m going to rip a sock into strips to use as my wrap. Now for about a month or a month and a half I havn’t been doing my jelqs more than once or twice a week.and I do about 50 now instead of my old 200. I was just doing a little bit to keep my gains until I got a pump, but I decided on clamping instead.

Now.I’m pretty sure my dick is still conditioned (although not as much as before), do you think I should start clamping? Also, how many times a day should I clamp starting off?

Anyone? I just wanna know if I’m risking hurting myself since I havn’t been jelqing as much as I used to, although I did jelq for a couple months strait. Like 3 I think.

I’m just curious as to why you decided to give up on jelqing after a month? I’m a new cat, but I’ve heard the vets stress time and time again that PE gains are slow and require consistency.

But to answer your question, I would probably beat my dick up with some jelqing for a couple more weeks before I started clamping. You may even end up gaining a bit during your “conditioning.” Better safe than sorry, don’t rush it.

No I stopped jelqing about a month ago. I jelqed for like 3 months I think.

I just stopped gaining no matter what I did.I didn’t feel like switching to stretching so I was gonna buy a pump but decided to go with clamping for now. I still did a bit of a maintanence routine and havn’t lost any gains.

I would recommend that you start clamping manually meaning you get a full erection, grab the base of your cock, press it together and hold as long as you can (probably about 3 min).

I have done that to condition my dick and I never had any troubles with using cable clamps now.
The pressure isn’t the same but I gained girth at the base from doing this ~4weeks and it is more for conditioning than for gaining anyway.

Ok guys thanks for the advice :D I’ve been doing the manual clamping with my fingers.5 x 2 minute routines with a short rest in between to shake out my hand. But at the end I do a 3 minute clamp because I like looking at myself clamped like that ;)

Anyways a couple more questions.when I losy my erection after clamping should the head of my penis soften from hard to slightly less hard when I clamp? And when I start soley clamping as my routine (march 1st :) ) do I need to do my exercises all within a short period of time? I was planning on doing 3 x 5 minute exercises a day, but do they all have to be done at one or can I space them out? If not I’ll just do them at night but my rents think I’m smoking pot in the bathroom when I’m in there so long. It was funny the first few times when they go in there when I’m done with my exericses and start sniffing for smoke, now it’s just annoying. Anyways sorry for going off toic there.

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