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Should I be worried about this

Should I be worried about this

Ok so during a session of jelqing I had performed 30 strokes before I realized I had done them all at 100% erection rather than 80% (dumb mistake I know) so I stopped immediately and decided to end the session for the day. Being already at 100%, I figured I might as well “finish up.” I’m not sure if it was the jelqing or what but it was one of the most intense “finishes” I’ve ever had and right before I did I noticed that my dorsal vein was very distended near the head of the penis but not as much near the base. Is this normal? It kind of freaked me out but I figured it was normal at the time because of the intensity of the erection. Still, I’d like to hear some of the opinions on here, just to be safe. I have had no pain at all in the area, nor was there pain at the time (thank God). Also, I’ve done no PE in the past.

There is a very good chance your penis might fall off. :D

Don’t worry about it, but pay attention to what you are doing from now on.

Haha thanks for the reply :) so do you think the distended vein is normal or is it a warning sign whenever I see it to take it easy?

Well, we all know that jelqing at 100% erection is dangerous and it is only advised for the experienced. Since you are a new to jelqing, you should take it a little easier and give time for your penis to adjust to the exercises.

What if I see the vein distend even when I’m not jelqing but rather just during regular masturbation?

As long as you take it easy and give it time to recover after your sessions you’ll be fine.

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