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Should I be sore

Should I be sore

Started newbie routine a couple weeks ago. I’ve read some people reporting significant soreness after a session. I haven’t experience soreness at all, and I’m wondering if I’m not going at it hard enough. How do I know if I’ve gotten in a good session?

I’m a newbie myself LJ, but from what I have read on here, soreness is the last thing your looking for. Any pain at all is your queue to stop stretching or whatever, and any post work out pain is a sign your over doing it. It’s not like bodybuilding where DOMS is a good sign that your growing. From what I can gather from looking through a lot of posts on here, the biggest chance of failing to make gains is through injury by over doing it, and as newbies we should treat the first couple of months as a conditioning faze so we don’t get injured when we have built up to the kind of intensity needed to make gains. So patients seems to be the key with this. I’m still in my first month so I haven’t measured again yet. Hoping to see some gains after I’ve completed the newbie routine, and reach my modest goals after a couple of years of consistent PE

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