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Should I be Concerned?

Should I be Concerned?

Hi guys,

I’m new to hanging and just started about 3 weeks ago. I’m taking it slowly, up to 2 20 min sessions/day at 2 lbs. So far I’ve experienced no discomfort or pain, and have yet to reach fatigue.

I noticed a few days ago that I’m suddenly having trouble finishing when I have sex. It’s kinda like half an orgasm, just kinda dribbles out, feels very un-satisfing. Is it possible I damaged my urethra or something?

Has it only happened once?

Hanging can tire the muscles under your perineum, which can have that effect. Make sure you do your kegels, and that you have some recovery days.

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What type of hanger are you using?

Looks like “trapped-cum” issue, ain’t it?

I had that on my 4 initial months of my PE carrer and it’s faded away. It was awful because when I masturbate, the ejaculation was way lesser than before, plus didn’t had that feeling (joy, relaxation, etc) when we “unload”.

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This happens when I do not drink enough water. So many different factors to consider!

Ah thanks for the responses guys! I’m using a bib starter, and its happened the past 4 days in a row.

Glad to know others have had the same issue and it went away. I’m going to take a few days off and see if that helps. I hate to take the days off already and undo some of what I’ve done, but I’m quite concerned about it and would like to know.

Have you experienced any numbness? It’s pretty typical for most guys starting out with the bib.

As far as your urethra goes you’ll know if your hurting it. If you feel any type of burning on the underside of your shaft it is an indicator that your bottom gap is too small. And watch out for twisting as that can be bad for the urethra.

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