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Should I be clamping yet?

Should I be clamping yet?

I recently created a post similar to this, but I didn’t get anything in the way of a reply. I am just wandering, I’v been at PE for about 6 1/2 months now, and seen maybe 0.2 in girth gains, mostly all length, I’v kind of been targeting both at the same time, and i often do manual squeezes, and even sometimes erect bends.

I have heard Wadzilla and I think a few others comment on clamping being less permenant than manuals so it would be great to get as much out of the way in manual work first, all that said, should I start clamping now?

Clamping being less permanent !

I have never read that being said before, I’m prob just blind.

Your stats say that you have 7.350” of Girth.

If that true, would you really want more because that is seriously huge.

To answer your question, Yes I think 6 1/2 month is sufficient enough time to start clamping.

mansun, thanks for the quick reply, I’v only heard it once or twice, but it seems the guys who said it are pretty well respected on the board. 7.350 is a mistake.

Originally Posted by UkranianTitan

7.350 is a mistake.

So what are your girth stats?

inbetween 4.75-5, it fluctuates


If your happy with your length, well by all means start clamping.

I would advice you to carefully read the Clamping 101 thread.

Good luck !!

Get manual work done first, after you exhausted all manual work gains, step up to the clamp as it will make your dick tougher than any other exercise out there.

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