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Short PGE-1 Experiment Observations

Short PGE-1 Experiment Observations

Sorry for the late update. I f anyone remember me I was the guy who was asking around for I wanted to try PGE-1. Well I did try it for around 1 1/2 week in April. My routine was this; one day on and one day off. I started with 3 mcg at first which would give me a 2.5 hrs + erection, but I bumped it to 10 mcg for the last 5 injections. That would give me a 4 hrs + erection.
I believe that every penis has its own threshold of taking the toil, some take less while others can take more severe workouts, as for me, I can take a very harsh workout and get away with it. So I used it to my benefits, and bumped the dosage up after initially testing the water. These were my observations from my short stint:
1. The pain is manageable, although on my last erection I just managed to bear it till the end. Apart from that I used to somehow enjoy it.
2. I didnt do any jelqing afterwards
3. After the sessions, when I go to sleep I would wake up with very sturdy morning woods.
4 I didn’t measure before or after so can’t say anything abt gains.
5. I wanted my dick to experience the most hardest erections it can get in order to get better EQ. I dnt know if I achieved that or not.

In the end I would say that I will repeat the experiment even if its for one week (I might get the chance in mid September).Why? Well I enjoy being erect for longer duration. It gives me pleasure.
Maybe I will combine jelqing (after the erection subsides) in my future experiments

P.S : just started doing jelq routine again. 1 day on and 1 day off 150-200 wet jelqs in shower

Comments, suggestions and advice are welcome

So your experiment gave no conclusion.

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
So your experiment gave no conclusion.

It wasn’t that long I guess to give any evidence, will take measures in Sept when I get the chance to repeat it

Do you actually believe that a 4 hour erection is a good thing for your penis?

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
Do you actually believe that a 4 hour erection is a good thing for your penis?

The more longer I keep the erection the more it will stretch the tunica, this is what I have learned so far through research. Maybe I didn’t get the benefit because I didn’t perform jelqs afterwards, this is what I will add in my next experiment. Jelqing an already fatigued tunica will create more micro tears in the tissue I guess

Too me it sounds as if you are artificially pushing your penis to the breaking point and you won’t know it until it’s broken. Good luck.

PGE-1 will induce erections; it will generate hard erections; and it will generate long lasting erections. However, it will not stretch your dick beyond its normal limits. Accordingly, it will not increase the size of your dick beyond its normal EQ 10 size.

I have ED and have used PGE-1 for several years in order to generate an erection and I seriously doubt regular use of PGE-1 without doing some intense routines while under the influence of PGE-1 will do anything to increase the size of your dick.

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