Short Periods of Hanging?

Hello all,

I’ve been peing for about 4 months now. The last two months I’ve been hanging about 6x20minute sets a day, but it’s just too time consuming and I’m starting to fall behind on my school work, so I need to cut it down to about a total of 1 hour a day.

What do you think about something like the newbie routine for girth (mostly jelqing, maybe some slow squashes) preceded by one 20 minute hanging set a day of a pretty heavy weight (9.5lbs and increasing)? Would that be enough to see some length gains do you think?

I’m at 7.25 BPEL x 4.85ish girth, so I really only want about another .25 inches of length (I’ve gained about .25 in length thus far) but a lot of girth.