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Shoelace clamp

Shoelace clamp

Could you do a simple shoelace clamp at the base and throw that in with a routine? Say for 10 mins with 5 mins rest?

Your profile says you have “alot” of PE experience so I’ll take that at face value. My opinion is the best place for clamping in a routine is at the end. It will leave you nice and plump.

However, a shoestring isn’t the best appliance to use. It’s much too narrow and rigid which could damage the skin especially if you tie it. Try to find a cable clamp at B&Q or a similar place.

For NEWBIES: clamping is an advanced exercise and should not be done by anyone with less than three months PE experience.

Even if you just do a wrap at the base and tie a belt, that would be much safer. Like WestLa said, a shoelace is putting too much pressure on such a small surface area.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

You would need a wide style shoelace. The string ones will definitely hurt.

Either way I do not recommend.

My name is sarcastic.

If you’re new to PE, don’t use clamps, wraps or such for the first few months. More intensity isn’t better. Get whatever you can from a simple, easy, basic routine. Going too hard may hinder your progress. Wrapping/clamping added to a basic rouine is “too much” in my opinion. You can always add more in later, but overtraining will doom you from the start.

“Clamping” as it is popularly called these days is actually a range of techniques varying from mild expansion to quite extreme. For those searching for older info, look up Ulis and wrapping for girth. Or maybe read what I said before and still think about it starting here: hobby - Thunder et al, should we start a Clamper’s Forum?

I think a wrap works even better than cable clamps and similar gadgets for milder forms of expansion, but I sure wouldn’t use a shoe lace alone. It’s too narrow. A first, looser wrap of sweatshirt type material 1” or more in width can be plenty itself. Depends on what you’re after. An elastic material can be applied on top of that.

My advice to newbies is to get whatever gains you can from the least intensive techniques. We tend to think that if a little of something is good, more must be better, but often that’s not the case with PE.

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