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She said it...

She said it...

After a month of full time exercising and two weeks of gruesome v stretches and jelqing my old lady told me that my penis had gotten bigger and harder last night during sex. I noticed it too, but didn’t tell her about the exercises. I wish I had my measuring tape out because it was longer and wider. Preciate all the advice, this stuff really works.

Start 3-05: EL- 4.5x EG- 3.8

Now 6-07: EL- 6 x EG- 4.5

Goal: EL- 7.5 x EG- 5.5 Just want a BIG ole peter!

Congrats! Did she have more fun? Did you?

Rock out with your cock out!

Man, that must be the best thing to hear.

Congratulations! That should keep you motivated…

Congrats. Continue working hard.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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And imagine, you’re the newest of newbies!! Think of what she’ll say in 2 - 3 years…


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