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She Noticed Woohoo


She Noticed Woohoo

My first goal has been achieved!
Ok so here’s the story;
I started PE on 8/8/08 a bit skeptical and a bit hopeful at the same time.
I did see some gains within the first few weeks (according to my measurements) but I figured that the real test would be my wife.
When would she notice a difference?
I’ve been secretly PEing for two months now and have gained a little over 1/2”EL and a little over 1/8”EG.
During the first 4 weeks of my PE I wasn’t getting’ any from my wife ‘cause she was mad at me. But I figured that was cool because I might get a better reaction from her after we make up.
Well we eventually made up 5 weeks ago and since then we’ve been having more and more frequent sex. (Except when she was on her period.) AND the sex has been getting better and better for both of us because thanks to PE, I am able to last much longer.
Anyway, my wife and I had sex again on Saturday night and afterward we were talking and she made the comment, “it just feels like there’s more of you” and I just chuckled and said “you sure know what to say to make a guy feel good.” Then she wanted to know if I was taking “those penis enlargement pills” I laughed and said “you’re crazy, that stuff is just a scam, all those companies are getting sued anyway.”
Then last night we were having sex again. She got on top of me and slid it in a few times. Then she started moaning and she sat up straight and said, “Oh, there is SO much of you!”
Holy crap, I about lost it right then! Considering that she has never ever commented on my size in the 20 years that we’ve been together, I’d have to say that’s pretty conclusive proof!

So what have we learned? Well, first and foremost; PE WORKS! I went from 5.5X4.9 to 6X5.13 and gained considerable staying power in only 2 months!
Secondly, my wife is able to discern a difference of 1/2”EL X .13”EG! And she likes it because she has been wetter than ever and having more intense orgasms!
This is awesome! I am so encouraged and excited to continue PE, and I am eager to see how my sex life continues to improve!
I don’t post very much but I read a lot and I am grateful to all the veterans here who have provided so much good advice and encouragement and pointers. THANK YOU THUNDER’S PLACE!

Got Dick?

I’ll never get bored of reading story’s like this :)

Don’t tell her you PE, the secret is always better! Congratuations.

Awesome man! Well, you reached your short term goal. Keep going until you get to your final.

10/2008 BPEL= 6.5" NBPEL= 6" EG= 5"

6 month goal: NBPEL= 6.75" EG= 5.25"

Main Goal: NBPEL= 8" EG= 6"

Originally Posted by djrobins

Don’t tell her you PE, the secret is always better! Congratuations.

That’s what I think. I’d never tell anyone I PE’d. Well, I’ve got some friends who I know that think they are a little lacking, I might tell them after I’ve got some considerable gains.

10/2008 BPEL= 6.5" NBPEL= 6" EG= 5"

6 month goal: NBPEL= 6.75" EG= 5.25"

Main Goal: NBPEL= 8" EG= 6"


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I think hearing those words from your significant other are by far the best rewards PE can give you. I have about 2 months left until I get to see my girlfriend, I have been PE’ing for almost 2 weeks so hopefully I get some gains like you have so I can surprise her with a bigger cock.

Of course.she might just think that her pussy got tighter due to a 3 month absence of cock. That would make me sad =(
But great job dude! Keep at it and you shall continue to reap rewarding comments and a bigger cock in the end.

Congrats Max. It is a great feeling when you get affirmation from your mate.

That’s awesome man, but from your stats, it looks like you gained 1/4” of EG, not 1/8”. 4.9->5.13

Originally Posted by townsend
I’ll never get bored of reading story’s like this :)

I agree 100%, bro. These are great inspiration, and I hope to have one of my own some day…

I think it’s funny when people say they can’t wait to hear their girl friends or their wives say that their to big.. And me having reached my goal of 8 inches BPEL during the time me and my ex were going out and slowly my girl didn’t want to have sex as often, naturally I thought something was wrong and that something changed between us. SO I asked my her why she didn’t want to have sex as much as we used to and she said it was because most of the time it hurt her when we did have sex. And during sex she would often say “OUCH what the fuck don’t go that far!” and stuff like that. At first I was like OH shit that’s cool haha. But after awhile her vagina would get all puffy and swollen allot and we couldn’t have sex for ac couple days. So be careful what you wish for because it really did kinda bum me out that I was hurting her and not pleasing her.

But that’s not stopping me from getting bigger haha! ;)

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It is stories like this that make me want to PE! One day I WILL have a story!

Congratulations man.. I hope to get the same reaction in a few weeks from my girlfriend.. We are dating but going to different colleges and won’t see each other for about a month (generally we see each other 3/4 weekends a month, but this is busy time of the year for school.. And I hope to gain enough to get a reaction from her.

Great story man.

What was your routine for the last two months?

Excuse my English !

01-sept-2008 --- NBPEL 6,2" --- EG base 5,15" --- EG mid and top 5,4"

15-okt-2008 --- NBEL 6,4" --- EG base 5,3" --- EG mid 5,25" --- EG top 5,6"

That’s brilliant, dude!

You didn’t have sex for a month because she was mad at you? What the hell did you do? :P

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.

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