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She finally said it


Originally Posted by House MD
Oh and the foreplay. Well, the problem isn’t in myself as much as in her. I like foreplay, but she doesn’t very much, so she usually forces me to stick it inside her before I prepare her well enough. And that is when small injuries begin.

This pretty much answers my question. I was wondering if she ever has an orgasm or gets close before you begin with the penetration. That’s unfortunate that she doesn’t like foreplay— maybe you should just force it on her. Also, even with little foreplay, you might be able to avoid the depth problem by slowly easing into the deep penetration. I know that that works with my girl. Even after she’s fully prepped in terms of foreplay, I have to wait for her vagina to extend some before I can pound away.

Well, by once trying to force foreplay on her, she totally lost interest and backed off completely.

By not pounding her the same second I get myself into her, I get yelled at to pick up the pace. I would ignore that if there isn’t a problem of my mother being in the room next door, and my GF’s issue of not being able to control the loudness of her voice while horny as hell.

Maybe there is some form of VE (vaginal enlargment) I can recommend her so that she can extend her pussy to better fit my penis. LOL

Dang man, you have a bossy lady there! My current girl is a bit submissive in bed so she gets what I give her, basically. I hope your penis/vagina fit issue gets better.

Well, I kind of envy you about that.

As for mine, she isn’t so much bossy as very cock-in-pussy hungry while horny. So she easily looses interest or gets REALLY angry (and loud) if she doesn’t get it practically right away. When we are alone, I can afford myself to tease her a bit, but like I said, it can become a problem when my mom is in the room next door.

I’ll sit her down one of these days and have a little chat.

Tie her up and blindfold her next time your mom is away.

regards, mgus

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^^^ What he said.

I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with covering her mouth with your hand if she’s getting loud. If she says she doesn’t like that, then obviously don’t do it again, but plenty of girls respond well to rough play.

House MD,


4Foreskin ;)

House MD - Just a thought here on the “pain” issue.

Do you warm her up enough? Focus on foreplay? The vagina get filled with blood when stimulated well and eases for the penis to enter.

Use enough lube? She may be drier than you think…

Ok, a bit of a drastic measure but why don’t you talk to her about this seriously? It could hurt the r-ship/ sex in the long run…

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Originally Posted by requin
I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with covering her mouth with your hand if she’s getting loud. If she says she doesn’t like that, then obviously don’t do it again, but plenty of girls respond well to rough play.

Actually she loves it, it’s just that she tries to be even louder, and that kind of adds up to about same.

Thanks man!

Well, like I answered before, she doesn’t like foreplay all that much (even though I do), and tends to get very loud in yelling to put it inside her, which can become a problem if my mom is next door (which she very often IS).

As for a lube, she doesn’t like the idea (tried it few times), but I’m pretty sure I can force the idea on her if I try. I’ll try some water-based lubes for a change.

Thanks for the advice!

Congratulations on the gains bro,keep it up & hopefully your girlfriend will soon adjust to your new size & maybe won’t mind you gaining that little bit more in the future.

Btw sounds like you have a great sex life….what I’d do for a gf who wants it an hour every day :(

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Maybe you can try “light” foreplay. Just tease her but not touch her puss or tit. Start by caress her belly or her back(start by the neck and gradually go down to her butt). Just find where she like to be touch. Take your time go slowly and avoid the sex part. You can put your hands down there only if she open her legs , then go slowly to her secret garden (do not rush).

If she insist to put it inside her before 5 min after the beginning, well she’s not in the foreplay for sure. Maybe have a little chat as you suggest can help you two.

I hope this can help you, I excuse my poor English, I’ll work on it ^^

Good luck

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Congratulations on the gains! It is a large boost to the ego to be told “it’s too big”. It’s unfortunate because those words alone would be enough to inspire most of us to keep growing, but she wants you to stop. Hopefully she can adjust to the new you!

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